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Coaching for Results

Do you want to stand out? Do you want to create value, get results, and get noticed?

I'll guide you at each step on the way to success.

Guiding You Towards a Winning Communication

Together we will

  • Define your goal

  • Create a strategy to achieve your goal

  • Create your messages

  • Practice your delivery

  • I'll help you get into a winning mindset

  • I'll guide you at each step until you achieve your goal


In my private coaching, I can help you with your:

  • charisma

  • executive presence

  • influence

  • persuasion

  • pitching 

  • presenting

  • negotiating

  • body language

As a communication coach, I will guide you to create the impact you desire by boosting your confidence. 

Language Coaching

Do you want to speak a foreign language? 

I will guide you to achieving your goals by staying focused and creating a winning mindset. 

We will create a plan. I'll guide you at each step, as we boost your confidence in speaking a foreign language. 

I'll guide you to create time for learning, and make it fun.
I'll guide you to learn English, Spanish, and French.

Create the results you desire with Johny's guidance. 
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