Coaching for Results

Do you want to stand out? Do you want to create value, get results and get noticed?

In my private coaching, I can help you with your:

  • charisma

  • executive presence

  • influence

  • persuasion

  • pitching 

  • presenting

  • negotiating

  • body language

As a communication coach, I will guide you to create the impact you desire by boosting your confidence. 

Together we will

  • Define your goal

  • Create a strategy to achieve your goal

  • Create your messages

  • Practice your delivery

  • I'll help you get into a winning mindset

  • I'll guide you at each step until you achieve your goal


My Keynote presentations are full of actionable tools & techniques. My most popular topic is Charisma: What It Is and How to Get It

Are you ready to create a truly positive experience and make a lasting impression with Johny's help? Get in touch!

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